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Hi Skelléticos! Vejam uma imagem da Skellita Calaveras:

Agora o vídeo: Tenho quase certeza de que fui a primeira a postar este vídeo em inglês, então créditos!

Outro Vídeo:


  Roller Maze Craze Consumes MH
What’s the newest sinister sport gaining momentum at Monster High? Skultimate Roller Maze, of corpse! The ghouls team has been lacing up their skates daily and heading down to the roller rink for a rough and tumble practice that would keep any monster on her toes. Team members Operetta and Ghoulia can’t stop raving (and groaning) about how scary-cool the new maze track is. Frankie Stein loves her voltage roller skates and Lagoona digs the new rush that racing offers. Excitement around roller maze is sure to reach a fever pitch when competitions begin later this fall. Rumors are stirring that Abbey Bominable has already convinced ghoulfriends Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf to try out later this week! The Skultimate team will no doubt skate laps around the competition in the coming skate season!

Going Green Brings Glory
New student body, Venus McFlytrap, blossomed onto the Monster High scene mere months ago, but her “Go Green!” movement has already taken over guys and ghouls alike. MH Guidance Counselor, Mr. D’eath, sees a growing potential in this new ghoul-gone-green telling the MHGG that she “has cultivated a green spirit around campus that students have really latched on to. She is certainly a student body who is a developing leader in our student community.” So far, this punk princess activist has not only produced a successful recycling campaign, but has even started a spark of interest in a ride-share program designed to cut down on the MH carbon footprint. “We can each do our part,” Venus explained, “to ensure that Monster High (and our creeperific world) will be around for millions of centuries to come. It only takes one monster to make a huge difference.”
(Source Anzhelee)

Skultimate Roller Maze Season Kicks Off with Official Rule Announcement 
With the new SKRM season about to unravel, editors at the MHGG have decided to publish an official rule breakdown for those monsters who may be unfamiliar with the dare-devilsh revival sport that is creating quite the craze at monster institutions everywhere. Skultimate Roller Maze (or SKRM for short) is a centuries old activity highlighting the uhhhl-timate in labyrinth-monster creativity. The classic rules state that the winning team is the first to get all three of its members into the center of the ever evolving labyrinth, though modern rules dictate that only one player need cross to determine a win. Scholastic competition follows modern rules to shorten matches that would, in past occasions last over thirteen hours! 
In simplest of terms, the rules are as follows:

1.  Teams consist of six players- three active and three on reserve.
2.  Teams begin the race from opposite sides of the labyrinth.
3.  Monsters must use their skates to navigate the labyrinth and all its obstacles during the race. Removal of skates by team members at any time during the race will result in an automatic forfeit.

4.  No phasing through, burrowing under, flying, climbing, or jumping over labyrinth walls.
5.   Only one team monsters must reach the center of the labyrinth to win a contest. They do not have to all reach the center at the same time.
6.   Injured team monsters may be replaced, but the replacement monster must start at the beginning of the labyrinth.

7.   Labyrinth obstacles are randomly generated by the maze itself, after each team has announced their three-monster line up. Obstacles may be physical or mental in nature. 

8.   Each team will be required to overcome the same sets of obstacles.

9.   Monsters who have the ability to transform may do so as long as the transformation does not result in non-skating locomotion.
10.  Referees will be strategically placed throughout the labyrinth as well as in the center to assure teams follow the rules.
With the spirited revival of this sport sweeping the monster nation, you are sure to catch SKRM fever the first time you see it played. With Frankie, Abbey, Ghoulia, Lagoona, Operetta, Draculaura and Clawdeen on the roster this season, Monster High (which is currently ranked number one in the underworld) is bound to take home top prize.

SKRM Scavenger Haunt and Giveaway Breathes Life Into Student Bodies 

The Gory Gazette now has everything you need to become a creeperific contender this Skultimate Roller Maze season. If you’re dying to delve into the SKRM underworld, make sure you’re available this Freaky-Fab 13 to participate in the first ever Skultimate Scavenger Haunt!

Sources close to the giveway tell the MHGG that Monster High student bodies are encouraged to keep their eyes open for clues lurking in the darkest corners of the Monster High Facebook Page, Twitter Handle and (of corpse) in articles posted right here on the Gory Gazette! Then make sure to follow Twitter closely on September 13th. If you can find (and tweet) the correct answers to three creeperific questions, then you will be entered to win some truly uhhh-MAZE-ing prizes.

So dust off those skates and start practicing around the crypt, because this Freaky-Fab 13 promises to be one for the SKRM record books.

Sure is crowded in here...

The eternal clock is ticking closer and closer to the first day of school and MH new ghoul, Rochelle, is ever so eager to get a head start on all the MH madness. 

“I miss some of the rock solid friendships I made last semester at Monster High,” the ghoul reported to the MHGG. “I simply cannot wait to immerse myself back into the open culture and monster legacy of this esteemed establishment.” 

Luckily for Rochelle, student bodies will be haunting the halls in just a few short weeks. Until then, the scary-sweet ghoul will be counting down the minutes until the clock strikes midnight and her nightmares are answered.

Student Bodies everywhere beware – Ghoulia is a total speed demon on her scooter. Despite warning signs scattered across the MH parking lot (and her usual inclination to all things slow paced), Ghoulia has channeled her hero DeadFast in recent weeks and has been seen zipping around campus toting a not-so-thrilled Cleo behind her. Rumor has it the MH Administration is on the hunt for the speedy zombie and is not afraid to hand out citations (if they can catch her, that is).
Word to the wise - Cleo better hold on for dear un-life or she just may lose her head.
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 Calling All Monster Poets  
Every monster knows that one of the cornertombs of Monster High is its outstanding academic record in the Creepological Sciences, but few know that it also boasts a thrilling Liberal Arts program that has been thriving for centuries. With classes like Dead Languages and Monster Mythology scoring coffin loads of new students each year and the Dead Poets Society winning the Student Body Award for Beast New Student Club in 2012, it is safe to say the arts are certainly making a spirited comeback.

Luckily, this comeback includes a dead-lightful renaissance the likes of which MH has never seen.  Manning the helm of this revival is our very own Hoodude, whose mysteriously ambiguous verse is featured on page 13 of the latest issue of Fearing the Letter, an acclaimed monster poetry journal! Could Monster High have its very own Poet Laureate emerging from the shadows? The Gory Gazette has secured the rights to re-print in full below, so you can be the judge:

Don’t Yank My Stitches, by Hoodude
Spirits bring me concentration,   
Not overload, don’t waste her time,   
Recharge her in the sweet sublime,   
No star-crossed love waits for translation.   
My affection for her is pure devotion,   
Possessing every piece of me,   
Her eyes drown deep in mystery,   
And charge me up with raw emotion.  
A stitch in time is truly dead,   
If my love for her is left unknown,   
I’d fall apart: no blood, nor bone,   
No salted tears left here to shed.   
So I’ll declare my love instead!   
Consider this, affection’s seed now sown.  

MH Swim Team Beats the Heat at Pool Party
Where pool parties are concerned, nothing tops the annual soiree hosted by the MH Swim Team.  Each year, the team captain is charged with making the bash bigger and better than ever and this year’s host, Lagoona Blue, is pulling out all the stops to deliver on that promise.  According to her closest ghoul-pals, Lagoona has been swimming day and night prepping for the monster blowout.  “It’s guaranteed to make some waves,” Clawdeen told reporters, “but what else do you expect? Lagoona and her parents are all about the beast in home pool entertainment.”
Curious neighbors have reported strange noises coming from the Blue Family’s Backyard Black Lagoon over the past few days, while famous pool designer Paulo Dragonfire has been captured mysteriously surveying the grounds surrounding the house. Dragonfire is known for his outlandish landscaping and private swim park architecture which often includes Lazy Lizard Rivers, Surf’s Up Wave Parks and monstrously wicked water slides. 
But epic party plans go much deeper than creeperific pool design. Lagoona’s been fishing for the perfect menu and entertainment for weeks! Just imagining the possibilities is enough to make any monster ravishingly hungry. As far as Lagoona is concerned, hotdogs, burgers, and of corpse fruit-bug smoothies to keep cool by the pool are only the tip of the barrier reef. She’s also invited Holt Hyde to DJ the cook out and has requested that he keep the party vibe pounding with a spicy summer time mix. 
Rumor has it all of Lagoona’s ghouls are itching to turn the party into an unofficial swimwear fashion show, and Clawdeen couldn’t be more excited.  “It’s the event of the season. Any monster who’s any monster will be there. It’s time for monsteristas everywhere to bring their fashion A-game!”
I for one am sparking with excitement that this reporter (and dead-icated swim team member) snagged a coveted invite.

Summer Sparks in Monokinis
Spring break at Skull Shores may have been magnetic, but seasonal swimwear style definitely doesn’t end there (perish the thought)! The summer months are just starting to heat up and as you know, florals and neon are haunting beaches and pool parties this season. But if you’re on the prowl for a style that furrrociously flatters, take a second glance at the often-overlooked monokini!
Monokinis look great whether you’re sunbathing on the beach, hitting a few monster waves (although you can bet Lagoona always sports a full wetsuit) and most importantly having fun with your ghouls!
To make the look uniquely yours, try pairing it with your favorite floppy hat or a breathtaking sarong. Extra style points for bright neon colors or floral patterns, ghouls! Finish it off with a pair of shades that flatter the shape of your face and voila – a totally voltage outfit that stuns.
Until the next style report, stay fierce ghouls!

Operetta’s star always shines, but this candid shot really captures her inner sparkle. Sources close to the songstress reveal that autographed copies of this photo may be available in the Creepateria in weeks to come. 

#Monster #High #Operetta #doll, in proper #rockabilly #scooter-trash surroundings. #Mattel #toy #toycrewbuddies #instahub #instagram #webstagram #pretty #tattoo #gorgeous #girl #motorcycle (Taken with instagram)


Whooh! Look what arrived today! (finalllyyy <3)
Detailed photos of each one - coming up!

E agora as novidades Atrasadas! (Scaris)


Penteadeira da Frankie Stein:
Achei muito fafa! Até agora, a ínica que tinha penteadeira era a Cleo!

Cama da Abbey:
Interessante! E poderá ser usada também para a coleção "Mortas de Sono" ou  "Dead Tired".

Coffin Bean Scaris da Clawdeen e Carro Scaris.


Deluxe Fashion Packs: 
Operetta, Frankie & Ghoulia.

Basic Fashion Packs: 
Draculaura, Lagoona, Spectra & Abbey


Chouls Alive:
Para quem não sabe, é uma coleção que algumas bonecas falam, piscam monstrando o esqueleto, outras andam sozinhas. Aqui temos: Clawdeen Spectra e Frankie. Não gostei muito da Clawdeen. Ela tá esquisita!

Scaris Viagem:
 Frankie, Rochelle, Clawdeen, Skelita e Jinafire

Scaris Básica: 
Abbey, Ghoulia, Deuce e Draculaura. Bem que podia ter a Cleo para fazer para romântico com o Deuce. Logo em PARIS que a Mattle não foi fazer os casais! Podia ter o Clawd também!

Só isso gente! Espero que tenham gostado!


Beijinhos! Ah, não vou fazer assinatura nenhume, não! Continuem com as antigas!

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